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Leistungen, Fuhrparkvorstellung und Buchungsmöglichkeiten unseres Limousine- & Chauffeur-Service im Rhein-Main - Gebiet.

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Our Philosophy

Based on Oscar Wildes motto “I have but the simplest taste - I am always satisfied with the best“ we would like to offer you only the best as a Limousine & Chauffeur service provider.

Located in Germanys Rhein-Main-Area with a main focus to “Mainhattan” Frankfurt with its international public we offer a top service and exclusively top class cars to our (business) customers since 1999. You will like our fleet of BMW 7 series or (as an option) Mercedes S-class cars.

Our multilingual (at least English and German speaking) chauffeurs have excellent manners, are discreet and professionally trained drivers.

That’s what we call “service to our customers”. You shouldn’t be satisfied with less.